October 7, 2013

Love's Awakening by Laura Frantz a Ballantyne Legacy Review

I really enjoyed the first book in The Ballantyne Legacy series by Laura Frantz and have been eagerly anticipating Love's Awakening since the last page turned on Love's Reckoning. I'm glad to report that I wasn't disappointed.

I felt like Laura balanced very well the development of Ellie and Jack Turlock's relationship with larger plot motions focused on slavery, family discord, and the return of a major character from the first book in the series.

Ellie is a unique character in that she is a gentle and demure while also maintaining self-determination and a level-head in a few trying situations. She is at some points in the book consumed by her developing feelings for Jack while also maintaining herself in the process.

I am always impressed when an author can track human emotions through happiness, passion, and sorrow without losing the stand-out characteristics of a main player or letting the historical angle of a book falter. Laura Frantz always gets these details right and her books are always a pleasure.

Disclosure: My review is based on a publisher-provided galley.


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  2. So well said, Ashley. I'm really thankful you take time for my books and also the care with which you craft reviews. Bless you for being here and for having an important ministry to readers/authors! Will pin to Pinterest - thanks again!
    In Him,
    Laura Frantz


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